Monday, November 9, 2009

Gardening and Crochet.

Passports are quivering on the table, suitcases bulging with presents for far flung tribes and shoes are resting upside down with their bottoms rather than faces scrubbed. And aren't we just tripping lightly across a little ditch from New Zealand to Australia. There seems to be a lot of preparation involved for such a small flight. This is a good thing I suppose because it gives me the chance to feel like an intrepid traveller in my own backyard.
I thought I had better include a big bundle of photos because I may not be able to post for a few days. However, the really exciting thing is faster internet at my parent's house. It has been so appallingly slow for the last two months, I am now completely looking forward to having a good look around all of my favourite places and commenting and being a social person again. Of course that applies too all of my family and friends in the real world too...
I have popped in a few snaps of the garden as well to remind myself of green and rain in case I become a little too comfortable in Australia (of course Jonno and Archie staying behind will make me anxious to get back too).
The sun is shining and the school bus is still making its winding way to our stop so I had better keep pretending it is just a normal morning for a little bit longer. Hope to see you this week out in cyberland. xxooxxooxx.


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