Sunday, November 8, 2009

From a busy week...

Flowers Archie took to school for his flower day.
Getting the moses basket ready for a friend who is about to drop. I find it utterly bizarre to think Hugo used to fit it in. Right now if he even looked at it the sides would split.
I think the same thing would happen with this jumper. Jonno's mama knitted it for Archie and both boys ended up having a very long turn in it. I wish I could still dress them in kimono style clothing.
Archie's mosaic flower from flower day. Can you even begin to imagine how much I am loving this. And the ring of red beads...
And this is what I have been up to with my makings. I finished it last night trapped in front of 'Daddy Day-Care'. It's amazing what you can end up watching when you are determined to finish something. Strangely, when I finished the piece, I had no desire to watch the rest of the movie. I am sure it all worked out in the end.
As for this week, lots of packing because on Tuesday, I am flying home to Australia for a week. My DNA is needing some family time urgently and as for my skin, it's needing some dry Australian air. I am a little bit nervous though because I have just been told we are in for a hot week in the mid-30's... I am just not emotionally equipped for that, I have been lulled into the New Zealand version of a hot day which is lucky to peak at 28 degrees (c). I better go and weed out most of the woollen jumpers and corduroy pants. Just think of it as a tropical holiday, there you go, that sounds better already.


  1. Just as well you need some Australian dry air s we , especiallly me need the breath of fresh NZ air, the bubble of it that rises up when we see you, ....and Hugo! love Mum

  2. aww - what a sweet note from your mum. Definately weed out anything warm. You will want to run around in your undies over here.

  3. They are all such fabulous goodies! Love the wee kimono knit especially - so cute! Yes, summer has hit here with a vengeance... I've been trying to think of ways to escape! Pack some frocks :) K

  4. Archie's flower! How gorgeous, I'd be proud to have made that myself. Sounds like you're up to your eyeballs in busyness, and escaping to Australia would be just the ticket. I wouldn't mind escaping to Australia too! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. LOL, yes I'm sure Daddy Day Care worked out in the end.

    I think I may have the same Moses basket from when my younger son was born. Such a treasure.

    I hope you enjoy your trip.



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