Monday, November 23, 2009

Cupboard Finds...

I found this jug cover in my cupboard today when I was scrabbling around, searching for a table cloth. My friend brought it back from Greece for me and while I have always treasured it, I haven't had the chance to use it much. But now upon its rediscovery, I am beginning to think that there is no way I cannot use it any more. I cannot be without it in my house. It must be on display and more importantly, in use. Because it is so beautiful and makes me feel at peace and enriched every time I look at it.
This is a little sneak peek at the next stage of Christmas preparation.
And this is what I am desperately trying not to read while Jonno takes the boys to swimming and I have a chance to cook dinner and have a general tidy. Usually I would let the temptation win but first thing tomorrow morning our Bank Manager is paying a visit and it would be so nice for him to walk through our front door rather than climb over wobbly piles of stuff.
I am starting to reintegrate into the idea of 'home' being in New Zealand again. The boys are certainly back to normal and over their separation. Those first couple of days were bliss though when they were just so happy to have someone to play with. Now the are beginning to think of their time apart fondly...
Well, off to check on dinner...
Night-night. xxooxxooxx.


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