Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chrismas decorations and a little bit of chat.

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the wreath. I had so much fun making it although I occasionally had to remind myself when I was eyeball deep in crocheted balls that one day, there would be an end in sight. Now it is hanging up on the door, I do spend a lot of time standing in front of it, then pretending to open it whenever anyone comes in the room.
Here are a couple of photos of other things I have been working on, a Christmas decoration for Archie's teacher and a pattern very much a work in progress. I have worked out though that if you put one stuffed ball into an incomplete ball, you end up with a head wearing a hood! I know I am supposed to be finishing presents and not starting new projects but it is just so hard.
I am now very much in the home stretch of Christmas prep. thank goodness. AND I am shocked to say, very much ready for school holidays too. The thought of rising early to hurry children off to school is becoming to hard. The whole family will be happy when the boys can sneak downstairs, watch a few cartoons and rummage through the pantry unguarded.
Better put some dinner on, I am so hungry all of a sudden I think I have become almost waif-like, or at least see-through.


  1. I'm getting to write on your blog more frequently but you keep doing such great stuff! Thedecoration is great and the matruschka doll is just as I imagined it. Love Mummiumbop

  2. Lovely - thanks for sharing.
    You've inspired me to learn to crochet in 2010!



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