Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peeking Inside.

Can you remember this parcel from a few weeks ago that hinted mysteriously of hidden depths.
Well, now that my Mamaaa has received it I can reveal its innards... A folder covered with a bit of Cath and a lot of love for Mum to put her crochet patterns in.
The frustrating thing is that while I have lots and lots of things I want to show you, I have left my camera at my cousin's house and can't take any photos until this afternoon. AAAGGGHHH. I keep being overtaken by urges to photograph things and I can't - I know I am one for drama but it is kind of like having a limb or a sense removed... a digitally implanted sense.
Things are coming on for Christmas Eve. I am still wrapping with furious joy but am mostly revelling in having a new floor put down after 8.5 years of waiting patiently on cold concrete. It is so luxurious and of course I would be showing a photo but unfortunately cannot!
Happy Christmas Eve to you all and hopefully with a camera safely back in my hands, there may even be another post before the day's end. XXXOOOXXXOOOXXX!!!


  1. I have to be the first to comment don't I?! I knew the parcel was to come but our wretched post was even more slow than usual, so it was up to the letter box 3 times a week[yes in this day and age our post is only delivered 3 times a week], extra trips to the PO, even a large parcel in the letter box which wasn't THE one. Then there it was, hand printed brown paper, lovely hand made card and then into a folder in which Ican put my crochet patterns. I really love my present, little pockets to put extra bits in, Kate painted apples glued on and then a crocheted flower on the back of the folder. How very lucky I am!!! And the love involved is palpable as well. Thankyou again Kate for everything you give me, fun love and laughter, Mum

  2. hello - just popped over from attic24 and had to let you know how much I enjoyed my visit! Lovely photos, inspiring crochet... and those strawberries are making my mouth water!

  3. Congratulations on the new floor and frankly, seeing the date in print, December 24, made my heart do little skips. Exciting but you remind me I have urgent wrapping to do!



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