Thursday, December 24, 2009

Peeking Inside.

Can you remember this parcel from a few weeks ago that hinted mysteriously of hidden depths.
Well, now that my Mamaaa has received it I can reveal its innards... A folder covered with a bit of Cath and a lot of love for Mum to put her crochet patterns in.
The frustrating thing is that while I have lots and lots of things I want to show you, I have left my camera at my cousin's house and can't take any photos until this afternoon. AAAGGGHHH. I keep being overtaken by urges to photograph things and I can't - I know I am one for drama but it is kind of like having a limb or a sense removed... a digitally implanted sense.
Things are coming on for Christmas Eve. I am still wrapping with furious joy but am mostly revelling in having a new floor put down after 8.5 years of waiting patiently on cold concrete. It is so luxurious and of course I would be showing a photo but unfortunately cannot!
Happy Christmas Eve to you all and hopefully with a camera safely back in my hands, there may even be another post before the day's end. XXXOOOXXXOOOXXX!!!


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