Monday, December 21, 2009

Strawberry Picking.

I'll be honest with you. This expedition, the strawberry picking was the highlight of our weekend away, they hung in shiny red clusters, hot and jammy. Every year we travel down to Whakatane, pick strawberries, swim in hot pools and generally relax. It's the December treat and something we anticipate every year. But this year... it was awful. We were too tired and too stressed to be packed up into a camper van together. The fun, the sparkle, the pizazz of holidaying wasn't there and we all had to get on the best we could with cranky scratchiness erupting boil-like from our souls. I have to clarify that this is not normal for us, we holiday very well together and can handle being in enclosed spaces together... just not this time.
In fact, yesterday morning after a 5.15am (ish) wake up, we decided the best thing for it was to pack up and go home. Driving up towards the house was the closest to sheer giddy heaven I have been in quite some time. Separate bedrooms awaited us as well as personal space - loads of it.
And the strawberries... the sweetest I have ever eaten in the privacy of my own home.


  1. Sounds like a good decision to go home early. Some holidays are like that, just not going to work. It's a tricky time of year to go away, my lot are still tired from school. Being home together all the time is a real test of endurance and patience! I love my kids but I do miss the little breaks I get when they are at school. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and I really enjoyed this honest post xo

  2. I hate it when that happens, but I'm glad you took the sensible option to stop TRYING to make it work and just get back home! We never seem to do that and just keep trying to no avail!
    yummo strawberries tho!

  3. Oh...hilarious!! I thought that only happened in OUR family!!! Hey those strawberries look DELICIOUS!!

  4. Some days, home is what you need. But those Whakatane strawberries are really something, aren't they?

  5. For us on the other side of the world picking strawberries just before Christmas seems kinda strange -- they do look good though : ) Merry Christmas!



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