Monday, December 14, 2009

Today is my mum's birthday...

Today is my mum's birthday and as I am in another country, I have spent the day sending her super-sonic hugs hoping they will ripple their way across the ocean to her. She is a good girl my mum - very lovely but also very funny with the odd moment of secret wickedness. Her present is running a little late so I thought if I included a smiling grandson in this post, the warmth of it might carry her through until the parcel arrives.
So Mum, I love you, I honestly do think you are the best Mum in the world, I feel proud when people tell me how much I look like you but... I would feel even prouder if they told me I have the same heart as you. Happy Birthday Mum!!!
P.S. The other photos are just a little bit of what I have been up to. More tomorrow.


  1. Awwww. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MUM!!!! I hope she is having a fab day with your sisters!! xx

  2. It's a neverending heartache having our families overseas. And unfortunately it never gets any easier either. I really miss my family on silly days like Valentines day because my mom used to make it so special.

  3. Thankyou beautiful Kate for your lovely blog. I am sure you are talking about someone else, not me !! You make my, our, world sparkle and where would I be now without my crochet as well! Yes Hugo's photo is perfect for my day. Thankyou too to Leonie, lovely to receive birthday wishes from my blog friend too. Kate's blog has intoduced me to so much and so many amazing people. Love to you all, Mum

  4. Best wishes to your mum! The pom-pons are like a birthday party in a photo! so happy!



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