Friday, December 4, 2009

Pompoms, Fabric and Stamps.

This week I am really not finding the balance between work, rest and soul space. The craziness of the year's end has somehow culminated in this particular week and as a result, I have turned into a pitiful blogger (let alone human being). There were all sorts of things I was going to say about each picture but I might save that for another time. Instead, I am going to relish listening to the rain outside, anticipate going to Hugo's end of year play tonight and breathe deeply.
We all have our moments of fatigue and madness don't we - and we get through them too. When I find myself in the middle of these times I slow right down for a few minutes and ask myself what advice would I give to a friend. My answer today was to spend next week (with the exception of Archie's athletics day) at home and say a very polite no to any invitations of delicious socialising that comes my way. It makes me feel as though I have a holiday coming my way. Have a cosy night.


  1. There looks to be a delicious present with my name on it!!!!!!! What can it be? Chocolate? Somehow I don't think so!!
    You are one strong girl and don't ever forget! I love the thought of a free week too, I've already cancelled two things, one the dentist---ok---but the other was a very special friends Christmas lunch, just knew it was too much, especially with a 2 hr drive either way. Looking forward to my present!! Love Mum

  2. Love the stamp. Enjoy your week of taking it easy - essential in the run up to xmas.
    Hen x

  3. took me years to learn to say "no"...dam powerful word once you get the hang of it!!! Look after yourself.. xx

  4. i do it too and so look forward to that quiet night or weekend at home!
    and i love the dandelion stamp ~ can i ask where you got it?

  5. i have executed the slow-down declaration too; i feel better for it.

    the package is so happy and special - i really like the stamp image.

    best - annri

  6. Good for you. I wonder about that interesting net-ty, mesh-y looking trim with the Echino fabric. Perhaps you will inform us just what that is sometime. I love looking at your little crochet things and bright colors, and I hope your little break gives you just what you need.

  7. Hope you are feeling a bit better and are successful in your "you time" - a hard task, but worth it in the end. Enjoy the beauty around you. xx

  8. Oh I do so wish I lived near you Kate. I'd deliver a refreshing package of tea and cake, which would restore all your energy. I keep on scrolling up and down this last post in awe............ such a beautifully wrapped parcel, the stamp is gorgeous, I'm so impressed. And the pompom's are to die for, love 'em. Your Mum sounds nice by-the-way. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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