Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Stockings and Stuff.

Sorry about Father Christmas popping up in the middle of these two photos jolting the order about. I wanted to show you how Father Christmas gets about in New Zealand, on the back of a fire truck with sirens blaring and providing a huge thrill at Hugo's picnic.
Hanging above and below F.C. are photos of Hugo's stocking (Archie has one already which I will photograph later) which is in the making. A few more stars dangling from the cuff and a name embroidered on and then Bob might be your uncle if you have an uncle called Bob.
We are off to the next Christmas concert. Apparently this one is two hours long with lots of leaving speeches by the senior students. I am definitely taking my crochet which Jonno is very jealous of. He did ask if he could take a book...


  1. What a lovely stocking Kate! The crocheted stars make it very different and original, and very gorgeous too of course! I imagine your boys passing these on to their children, and on and on down the generations............. just think Kate, you're creating a tremendous legacy, and you'll be a legend in your family, how wonderful! I also wanted to say how much I like your crocheted bauble in your previous post. Now you can make crochet balls in your sleep, I imagine the possibilities for what you do with them are endless! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if I knit)

  2. How lovely. The fabric of the stocking looks beautiful. Do you know what it is? Love, Amanda xxx

  3. I love the fire engine and know how Hugo would have loved seeing Father Christmas on the back of it! By the way the Australia Govt has decided we can now be trusted on planes with crochet hooks AND knitting needles! I thought you might like to know! Love Mum

  4. I'm not that into trucks...but thats a mighty fine truck!! He came to the kids here last night with sirens!!!



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