Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crocheted limbs and book groups...

I am hoping the little collection of body parts will slowly creep their way toward each other over the next couple of days and form themselves into something special for one of Hugo's friend's birthday. All of the limbs seem a little strangely shaped but surely that is a good thing... it will be interesting to say the least... or the most.
And a little peep of the print I ended up with the other day - very simple shapes but I overlaid it with some tracing paper that I printed on in a different colour and that gave it a little more depth. I am addicted to the process though and can't wait to start on my next one. Can you see the little bit of cross-stitch sewed onto the bottom right hand corner. It is actually a name so I had to block it out for the sake of birthday top-secretness.
Off to book group soon and I am raring to go. We read 'Tulip Fever' by someoneorother and it was a cracking read, my favourite so far. Hopefully the unveiling of next month's book will have something just as good... I have to admit that we do get the occasional book that is as exciting as a pebble race. Life is just too short for bad books, especially when the world is teeming with wonderful ones bursting forth from writers' hands every minute. Pop, I just heard one then, pop, pop, pop - look three more. Anyhoo, I had better go and pack my book into the crochet bag. Night-night.


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