Friday, October 16, 2009

Spring Roses!!!

My roses are opening their first fat buds to the steamy Spring warmth. I picked a yellow rose today and drank the dew from it. If you make a weired sucking noise, the perfume comes with it and your mouth is filled with rose water. Something I do a lot of at this time of year.
I felt that I needed to include more photos of the jug cover and doily that my friend Belinda made for me. Made from extremely fine cotton, I don't know how she hasn't turned into a crone with hunched shoulders and bulgy eyes. Belinda, you are utterly amazing and I am so lucky to have you for my friend.
Hugo is in the garden at the moment playing with our big,black extremely friendly dog Willow. Jonno heard him say "Sit, stay still Willow, sit. Oh, thank you". Jonno then assumes that Willow put her paw up because the next thing Hugo said was "Pleased to meet you". Good to have a friend when your big brother is slightly out of action with a sore tummy.
Thanks to my cousin (the yellow necklace maker) I have been introduced to sago. Like offal, it was a food I never ate growing up because Mum was left with a pathological dislike of it due to bad experiences at school. So for me, it is the most exotic kind of nursery food ever. Right now I have some in the slow cooker and the house is alive with the smells of cinnamon and vanilla. Better give it a stir and lick the spoon. Have a lovely Friday night.


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