Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holidays and Fabric.

A rainy morning in the camper van called for a bit of embroidery.

Proof that creativity boosts your serotonin (and makes you a little wacky).

Fabric buys from Spotlight.
Well, here we are back from holidays. Well rested, well fed and yet strangely, still wanting more. We somehow managed to hit the rainiest, coldest snap of the holidays but because we were in the camper van, we were as snug as sardines in a can. Plenty of mineral hot water pools as we were over Rotorua way and endless jokes between the boys about the sulphery smell. What more could a family need. In fact, I have to say it was the most wonderful holiday and the boys were great company and they slept well. We have had so many holidays turned grim from terrible nights without sleep so this was an amazing experience.
I quickly ducked into Spotlight and picked up a little bit of fabric. I can't even begin to tell you the fevered state of my brain when I saw the car fabric for $4(NZ) per metre. It is so hard to find boy patterns that are sweet rather than militia based. It took a while to find the cotton yarn but finally I discovered it hiding under a table with every ball on sale for between $2-$3. It felt like one of those gorging dreams.
Anyhoo, I had better go and tackle the huge mound of washing. Thank goodness we are having our first day of sunshine after three weeks of rain.


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