Friday, April 2, 2010

Christchurch and a smidgen of punting.

Punting along the Avon River with a little gentle contemplation of the big wide world.
The Arts Centre - the boys were blown away by it. Someone was have music lessons way off in a high tower, their operatic performance spilling down into the courtyard. Hugo stood underneath and sent his voice curling up to meet it 'AAAggghhhhuuuuuuuhhhhhaaay'.
Dandelion water.
Stripy roses in the Botanic Gardens.
Just a little hint of something to show you in another post... be excited.
Christchurch is the best!!! We are having the most amazing time with tram rides, punting along the Avon, exploring the arts centre, a tiny bit of shopping which I will write about more later and general over excitement and mild hysteria. Today will be a little quieter with a picnic and boat watching. Maybe some warm drink drinking too. Happy Good Friday, XXOOXXOOXX.


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