Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wanaka, Arrowtown, Lolly Shops and Other Places.

In Arrowtown, we found a lolly shop...
The boys loved it for its sugariness, whereas for me, it was pure colour inspiration.
Playing in the Autumn leaves.
Wanaka, or as the boys were chanting in the camper van, "Wanaka, Wanaka, Wanaka, Wanaka"
You know how it is, Lake Wanaka, pyjamas, snow capped mountains, stones to skim.
Yea, I am fully alive again with access to wireless internet - only joking??..??... We are now at Lake Tekapo and have decided to stay on for a couple of days as we need to dig our heels into a patch of earth, read books and have a little bit of pondering time. I am also desperate to do crocheting and colour thinking so some down time will be heaven.
Our friends from Australia, Tim and Bella caught up with us in Arrowtown (one of the most beautiful places on earth) so now we have an on road caravan of camper vans with lots of walkie-talkie communication between the two hulking vehicles (in particular Archie to Tim and Bella. "Bella and Tim, are you receiving... dead hedgehog to the left").
Wanaka was astounding, Queenstown a bit impenetrable with children and a big camper van and Mount Cook amazing. Bella is keen to learn how to crochet and then I think we might have a hot pool swim and visit Mount John Observatory tonight.
So nice to be back even if it is a bit of a dry holiday rundown. Lots of love, Kate (the greedy holidayer) xxooxxooxx.


  1. The vistas down south, in pictures, always amaze me. One day I'm going to get down there and see them with my own two eyes.
    The lolly store might just be exactly the right lure to get my husband down there- the way to a mans wallet is through his belly, right? heh.

  2. Just a quick reply as am off to Melbourne with the Perth boys. will really miss them but it has been sooooo hectic I am looking forward to some quiet! Kate I just love seeing all the beautiful photos, esp. with the boys and their bright colours. Love Mum

  3. So wonderful... what a fabulous time you are having and those photos! Love them. Still chuckling about the walkie-talkie hedgehog message :)) K

  4. It looks like a wonderful time you are having! What a beautiful place.

  5. Ooooh, sherbet flying saucers! So lovely to hear of your adventures!

  6. The wonderful time you are having Kate! I'm on holiday every time look at your blog. Your Mum said you'd forgotten the battery charger for your camera, so I was worried there'd be no more photos of your progress! I've got a bag of those flying saucers in my studio, just to look at, they're so beautiful aren't they! My Mum and Dad have just been spending some time in New Zealand, the photos are on my Mum's blog called "travel Broadens the Mind", it's in the blogs I read section on my blog. You might be visiting some of the places they went to, it looks quite simply majestic and other worldly. I'm off to walk the doggies now. Thank you for the lovely comment you left me, so exciting about the website isn't it! Hugo was pushing me along last night, making sure I stayed with it, I get quite fed up with technology I don't understand. Looking forward to seeing your new crochet, from your relaxed bit of your holiday. It really is wonderful to be able to follow you on your holiday Kate, thank you for inviting us along. Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Sounds like a great holidy is being had by all! Love the sweet shop and stunning views. Enjoy! Ros

  8. I haven't visited the south island for many years. Your photos have bought back wonderful memories. Love your blog, keep it up.
    Sue, Terang, Victoria.



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