Thursday, April 1, 2010


Archie found these butterfly wings and we thought they would finish the wrapping perfectly.

Well, we have made it as far as Lyttleton which is a little port town on the side of Christchurch. My brother and his partner have bought the most divine house here overlooking the water and we woke up in the morning to these views.
Hugo woke upset at one point last night and we calmed him down by showing him the port all lit up like fairyland and working busily loading ships through the night.
Today we are going to do lots of exciting things like punting on the river, going to the art centre and visiting the army surplus store (well, Jonno and the boys will anyway, I have found an amazing fabric shop which I will write about at another time). Lots of love from the Road Trip, xxooxxooxx.


  1. Oh NZ. So close to my heart.
    Just in case you pass thru Pleasant Point, Kurow, or Outram - say hello to my family and friends.
    Lovely view by the way..
    Happy Trails!
    xx Amy

  2. I can't believe how close you are to the water! I'm glad you are there and wish I could be there too, especially the woolshop you went to yesterday you didn't mention here. Gorgeou photos too and look forward to more, Love Mum

  3. Oh that view looks so lovely! Sounds like a good time is being had! Ros

  4. Errol just saw the photos and thought the second one is a prizewinning effort with the lovely morning light, Love Mum

  5. What lovely place!!!
    You, your brother, his partner... what lucky persons you are!! :D:D:D

    Loved so much the wings... i will love these always, make me dream...

    :) Happy Easter!

  6. It's Easter morning, and today I'm having an enforced day of relaxation, which means coming to visit you, and enjoying your holiday along with you Kate! But first I need to go and walk the doggies, who are doing that pleading eyes thing, and attend an Easter lunch with Hugo's family, and then attend an afternoon tea thing with some friends. Sounds hectic, doesn't it?! I think Hugo is like a little butterfly. Are you sure he's not got some secret wings curled up somewhere? I love their observations, revealed through you, and their creativity, they're special boys, Archie and Hugo, aren't they. I'll be back later. Love Vanessa xxx



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