Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to keep warm in the south island...

Warm, hand knitted jumpers (by Gran-Gran) and hats help to keep Hugo snug.
Archie finds hats and hoodie jumpers are a good solution.
Keep in mind, the skies may be blue but we are staying very close to this glacier.
Standing close to one another gets a bit of a warm glow happening.
Jonno in his new beanie and standing next to his big brother Todd. They were told to put their arms around each other but Jonno wasn't so sure.
But see, don't they look so much warmer now?
Yes, cuddles are the best way to keep warm in the south island!
We are travelling further south tomorrow, off to Wanaka then Queenstown and Arrowtown. I am not sure if we will be intercepting wireless reception along the way but will keep in touch when we can, even if I have to stand on the campernvan with a coathanger stuck to my head. Hot pool swims this afternoon, more knitting and an early night. All our love, XXOOXXOOXX.


  1. good to see you are keeping cozy in those beautiful outdoors!

    best wishes for a continued good time! - annri

  2. OH kate those pics are BRILLIANT and the jumpers are fantastic!! Loving the big fella in the hat!!!! And shell we say....that is one stunning pic of you....Have you cut all your hair off? It looks bloody UNREAL!

  3. Queenstown, the most spectacular place I've been! Oh and Arrowtown will speak for itself!

  4. What beautiful photos.Well done LOL Dad

  5. Can't believe I missed your call the other day and only got credit on my phone today to get your message!!!! Keep on having fun and I look forward to hearing all about it in person! Lots of love C

  6. You're such a good looking family. And that hat looks fab on Jonno! It really is lovely to be accompanying you on your holiday Kate, I'm enjoying it enormously. Great idea to use the pebbles as plates. Or serving platters. Imagine passing round the pebbles of food. Love Vanessa xxx

  7. So jealous. So very very jealous.



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