Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space - Good Stuff.

This is my new skirt I bought from the second hand shop. Who would throw this out I ask you? And then I can thank them.
For about the first time ever I have immediately printed out photos and put them into an album. I feel so organised.
The current obsession coming from my head and hands are big wool flowers. I am not quite sure what will happen with them at the end but I can't wait to find out.
And wahoo, it really is Autumn. The air is warm and dry, nights cold and leaves are becoming very greedy for colour.
And a pile of stuff that perhaps could be put away but is just so nice to have around. The kind of stuff that qualifies as good company.
This is my creative space at the moment. Home and the little bits of inspiration that crop up here and there from unexpected places... the little bits that then swell up into ideas and then into life.


  1. I *heart* your wool flowers. Lovely.
    ... and yes - who would throw that skirt away? ... and do they have any more???

  2. That skirt is a great find; it'll be so fun to wear!

    The flowers are so cozy looking. I can't wait to see what they will become either. :)

    oh, the possibilities of a pile of wool!!!

  3. I can't believe that anyone would throw that gorgeous skirt out. I only wish they lived in my area.
    That pink and green yarn looks lovely. What are your plans for it?

  4. PHOTO'S? What are they??? I'm so bad, can't remember the last time I had any printed. I do, however, back them up. Does that count?

    Long time no visit here Kate, nice to randomly stumble upon your blog as I trwl the creative spaces (for the first time this year I think).

    Hey, your crocheted piece reminds me of Julie Arkell's work (google images). CUUUte

    PS. Say hi to Lucy for me.

  5. that's a lovely score! your last photo is full of beautiful things and colours. i keep things around for company too! it seems silly to have pretty things stashed away.

  6. Lovely flowers. Flowers are fun to do aren't they! Do you need a purpose to make them? Surely not!

  7. The skirt is very sweet. I love a good thrifty clothing find. The leaves here have been listening and they are greedy for colour too!

    Love the last pic. Little piles of goodness make a house a home I think. :)

  8. The skirt looks great as do the wool flowers - so pretty!
    I can't even to get myself organise my pictures in my files let alone make an album - well done! :)

  9. What a great skirt! Loving the wooly flowers too :) K

  10. Beautiful photographs! I LOVE that skirt. Definately a slightly mad person who would give that away. And I love your yarn colours too. I wouldn't want to put them away either.

  11. such lovely colours :)

  12. Wow- this is my first visit- I love your photos. I feel warmed and cozier now. I totally know whaty ou mean about completed photo albums and feeling organized- such a good feeling. xo m.

  13. Your photos are beautiful! I'm so pleased I popped in. Loving your wool flowers..such yummy coloured wools. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  14. Oh I love the skirt!! I would have snapped it up too!! lol

    xo Steph

  15. I Have to have bits lying around, 'for inspiration'. Though there is some truth in that. When I tidy my studio, I get a strange sense of something missing, apart from the mess, it's the feeling of busyness and lots of inspiration I miss with neatness. Love your new skirt, it's landed up with the best owner possible, what a find for both of you! Love Vanessa xxx



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