Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Morning.

I am settling back into the rhythm of home life and pottering. This morning I have been finishing the unpacking and have made a chocolate cake for the boys for when they come home tired and ravenous. The sun is dull and the kitchen lights are glowing. Warmth is flowing into the room from the open oven door and my lunch is sitting, ready to be eaten. I will make a cup of tea in a minute and drink it in bed with my new book, then slide down into the sheets and have a little nap. I won't tell anyone about this.


  1. That all looks, sounds, and I'll bet, smells wonderful! Your secret is safe... ;)

  2. Gorgeous colours!And I love the jar and I love Hugo's drawing, and the face looking at me! Love from Mum

  3. Stictly entre nous. Love, Amanda xxx

  4. Wow! Those fabric finds are gorgeous! K



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