Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wool and an Easy Hat Recipe.

These are my new holiday wool purchases. I don't even need to knit with them, just sit the on the grass and lie with them dreaming of all we could be.
Jonno's beanie has just been knitted air force style. It is the easiest hat I have ever made. Cast on 80 stitches in 12 ply onto 5.5mm, 16 inch circular needles and knit taking care not to twist when joining the cast on row. Then knit until it is roughly the right length when the brim is rolled up (Roughly 24cm). Knit 2 rows together every 7th stitch for one row and then knit 2 together every following 6th stitch on the second. Bind off, turn inside out and sew up top seam. Sew in tails. Make the person wear aviator sunglasses and salute them. This hat has been adapted from a pattern written by Mark Thrailkill for Ravelry who encourages it to be shared throughout the world - what a star.

I think I am quite happy to become a professional holidayer. Walks, looking at stuff, eating yummy (healthy) things, reading, napping, playing with the kids. It's just so good. The views above are from Uncle Todd's house, the Franz Joseph Glacier in the bottom photo. On an even clearer day Mount Cook is easily visible and I had a little glimpse of it this morning as I was bobbing about in the spa on the veranda.
This morning we headed off for a walk up to the glacier. We didn't quite make it to the icy bit as it was a very long walk and the boys were entertained enough by the streams and waterfalls along the way... and finding gold, green stone and silver.
Yes, so lots of reading as well, I have just started 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' although I didn't make it very far today before falling into a deep sleep next to Hugo. Archie accidentally woke us at 3.40pm which I was extremely grateful for. Now they are splashing in the spa. A roast is in the oven and I think a new knitting project is calling out. Tomorrow we are planning a swim at the glacier hot pools. Holidaying is definitely for me.


  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely time. I can't knit, but I might have to forward the pattern to my mum to make a couple! I love the look of that beach by the way - I'd like to be there beachcombing right now!

  2. WOW what a view !!! Sounds like the perfect holiday.Loved your pebble shaped pikelets on pebble plates in yesterdays post too !!!!

  3. Your wool looks so gorgeous and I love the beanie. Happy holidays! K

  4. Such a delicious array of yarn - I think I would just sit and stare too.

    Nina x

  5. Hello there! Sounds like you are having a lovely, relaxing time. The views are beautiful! So is your new yarn. I wonder what it will become.... Enjoy! Ros

  6. I love that Rowan hand knit cotton. It feels gorgeous and the colours are wonderful. I could just sit and stroke it all day!



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