Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Flowers and More...

Birthday flowers from my friend Shar...
They came in the most gigantic bouquet imaginable and were wrapped up in tulle(which was quickly remade into a flower) and antique cream tissue paper.
And then held together with yards of this beautiful ribbon.

And - Amanda sent me one of her Mad March Hares as part of a rabbit swap. I have to say that photos don't do her justice, the stitching is so intricate down to embroidered flowers on her head and a little lace necklace. As for the colours, Amanda has me pegged and could not have done better. Thank you so much, she (name is still being decided) will be cherished forever!!!

Another reminder of the big give away going on below. This is a pincushion I made this afternoon... remember, the winner is able to choose their pincushion so this one may end up being yours!!!
Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. I'm glad you like her, chickadee! These pincushions just keep getting better and better! I love them! Hugs, Amanda xxx

  2. My mind's still buzzing about the tulle-wrapped flowers! How gorgeous that must have looked. The detail on the Mad March Hare is just amazing - love it. And now you've added another fabulous pin cushion into the choice - my heart goes out to the winner trying to choose ;) Kx



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