Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dandelion the Wild Rabbit.

Jonno's parents gave us some of their old family books. Good classics like 'Robin Hood' and boy annuals and comic books with cowboys. The wall paper covering the box used to be on the nursery walls, can you even begin to imagine how wonderful it must have looked.
Yesterday Archie and I made some slime with borax and glue - strangely it reminded me very much of making cheese, just a very different smell...
Jonno rang half way through slime cooking to say he had caught a wild baby rabbit (???) and would I like him to bring it home. Let's just say, it is about time Big Ear's hutch stopped being a memorial and turns back into a working home again.

We put our favourite names into a hat and pulled one out. Archie's choice of Dandelion won. We promised Hugo that next time we 'find' a rabbit we can use his name, Grassy. I might send Jonno out for a little Grassy rabbit now, "Oooooh Jonnooooo.... what are you doing right now?".


  1. 1, 2, 3....aaaaah!So cute!
    Fab wallpaper indeed - and I love the stripey knitting!

  2. goodness - man of extreme skill to catch a wild rabbit !
    those things are fast.
    dandelion - perfect "wild" name for the hoppy.

    how ever do you make slime ?
    i can see it being popular here ;)

    your hoodie is coming along at a rate of knots - i can never knit that fast.

  3. Oooh bunny from the wilds!! I wonder how quick he/she will bond with your boys, so sweet.

  4. Oh how cute! Look at that little adorable face!!
    I must say, Im rather taken with whatever it is you're knitting at the top there, those colours are right up my street!!

    Love Julia x x x

  5. Hermoso tu tejido! y hermosos colores!

    Your beautiful fabric! and beautiful colors!

  6. Fab rabbit, fab wallpaper, fab Jonno! You know the lovely post where you showed your nest goodies? Well I blame you entirely for the fact that I'm sitting here wearing the Madeleine necklace....so beautiful! Thanks for the heads up! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx slime...I love your boys....

  7. Love how your knitting matches your cup! and the moss stitch band and I love the wallpaper and bunny too ...

  8. So many fantastic things happening at your place! Have fun with dandelion :) Kx



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