Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dave and the Aliens.

Dave and his half finished friends - they are a bit alien-like at the moment... I think I should tweak this quality.
A crocheted pin cushion waiting to be stabbed and some gluten-free bread down below. It tastes so much better than it looks, especially with butter and farm honey.

And one of the boys' more beautiful creations, usually they are sludgy and toxic.
I hope you had a good weekend. It was a quiet one for us with Jonno milking the cows. The next weekend will be exciting though because it will be my birthday - hurrah, the greatest day of the year.
Love Kate, xxooxxooxx.


  1. Dear Kate,

    I do hope you will share your patterns for Dave and Stanley. They are too cute!

  2. Hope you have a lovely Birthday! :)

  3. Ah weekends are the best! Time for making bread and picking flowers. I spy the Torty and Hare fabric behing Dave and chums. Last year I made a draught excluding curtain with the same fabric and some old fleece rugs, it really brightens the winter months!
    Enjoy your last week before you turn another year older!!!

  4. Hi Kate! I posted off your parcel today so it should be with you soon! Hope you like it, my dear! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  5. Hi Kate, at Mike's catching up on posts while father and son have gone off to Coles to buy tools to fix M's bed! A beautiful day here in Sydney, home tomorrow. I love Dave too, your ideas just do not stop!! I love the mixture the boys made, did they eat it or suggest you did? Have bought your present and will try to post it today. looking forward to a chat, lots of love Mum

  6. Hi, just found your link from the comments box at "Do you mind if I knit", and have spent a lovely couple of hours, knitting as I read, browsing your lovely colourful blog. As much as I'd love to stay longer I'm off now to feed hungry teens, but I would love to visit again soon.
    florrie x

    p.s. I've become a follower.



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