Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Gardeny-knitty Weekend.

I had a friend come over for morning tea yesterday and she bought me a present - can you believe how the wool and the rose shine with all the same colours!
My second batch of roses to leave the house - with a little earwig, I do like to share....
I am back onto knitting again, this time a hooded cardigan for myself. It is hard to see from this photo but the navy blue has such an inky depth. It really is the perfect navy (according to my eyes).

It is always such a treat when Jonno doesn't have to work on the weekends.
I am feeling a little tenderised today - in a very good way I had better add. On Friday, the boys had a sleepover with their cousins which meant that Jonno and I could go out for dinner and catch a movie. It was so blissful. The weather was warm and we ate outside the restaurant (at their tables - not the car park) and watched all the bustle of a Friday night. Not everyone stays at home on a Friday night watching D.V.D's, what a revelation.
Once we regained custody of the boys, we then went and bought lots of vegetables seedlings (I am not having much luck with seeds this year, apparently they need lots of water - hmmm) and some apple trees and then spent the afternoon making new homes for our leafy friends.
This morning however, it is action stations. Hugo has been invited to a birthday present so I will have to track down the birthday present which I know it lurking somewhere nearby and dress him in something other than pyjamas.
p.s. The give away is being drawn tomorrow so if you would like to enter, click here!


  1. Love the stripey knitting and your roses are so beautiful, you've inspired me to put some roses in for next summer.
    florrie x

  2. What a gorgeous post!! Flowers and colours and knittingAND the lovely family photos. Have a great reat of the weekend! We have the Milawa lot coming for lunch, soup and maybe breasd so I had better get going! Love Mum

  3. inky blues are just superb - so rare to find.
    i can't wait for roses here - always seems an age before they burst in perfumed deliciousness and can make it into the house.
    what a great family week-end - sounds like everyone has had a little bit of something just for them :)

  4. There are few things more useful or wonderful than a navy cardigan I think ... such amazing roses too!

  5. I love that cardigan! The blue is perfection and the orangey stripe on the end is gorgeous Kate. Glad you had a lovely night out :) k

  6. What a speedy knitter you are . . . was it really only Friday you were sorting out the pattern? I can't wait until you're finished and wear it around here for a coffee to show it off!



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