Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Lunch.

My heirloom tomatoes are still bouncing off their vines.
Inspiration for a quilt maybe?
I made some gluten bread today (Hugo and I are gluten-free). It was so much more satisfying to bake!!! Like real bread or something.
A good cup of tea to wash down a big lunch. Stripes make it taste better.
What a great Sunday. The cows are now dry and so once Jonno has done his shifting and feeding out, it feels like a proper weekend. We had Jonno's parents over for lunch and all just melted into the gentle rhythms of the day. Autumn is the best. xxooxxooxx.


  1. Glad you having a good weekend. Love those stripey mugs! :)

  2. Hello Kate, thanks for your comment on my blog- it was me at Bernina that day! i just saw the other day they had more of that fabric in we were talking about. i am so addicted to Bernina! sounds like you had a great weekend- your tomatoes look delicious. we went out to omokoroa the other day for a look around- its a lovely spot :)

  3. Love those stripy mugs. I've so enjoyed reading about your holiday by the way, and hope this time the internet gremlins don't eat my comment! love Penny x

  4. Looks simply divine. Glad you have "melted" back into the normal way of life. Still fancy melting into a cuppa at mine on Tuesday morning?



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