Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Packing and Goodbyes.

These are just some of the books we are taking down to the south island. A lot of books are consumed by our family in a very short amount of time. The thought of running out is terrifying.
Hugo's vest already to be have tails tucked in and be pressed.
Sorting through some family buttons to finish a picture.

Archie in his finished jumper and refusing to be photographed with a smile.
And me in my new red shoes, absorbing the sunshine.
Today is the big packing day as we are leaving for our south island road trip tomorrow. The bags are all bulging and the house will soon be gleaming, ready for our house-sitters. But as excited as I am about leaving early in the morning, like so many people out there, I am feeling completely sideswiped by the passing of Elspeth Thompson.
I won't write too much about it now but just that as an admirer of all her work and a fellow sufferer of depression, I feel so much for what she must have been going through and devastated for her grieving family.
Today in our house the sun is shining and I am so grateful to it for warming our hearts and souls and I will keep packing and I will keep cleaning and I will think of how lucky we are to be taking a family holiday together.
Take care everyone and we will take the computer with us and so will be able to do the odd post. XXOOXXOOXX.


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