Thursday, November 25, 2010


At the moment I am doing a run of Christmas decorations for presents. I have been taking photos of the process and will post a tutorial soon (except they are so easy I am sure you can figure them out from the photo).
Finally on to a new crocheting project.
And my jumper is now complete - toggles helping to finish it off. I have to admit it is a joy to wear, but just so warm I end up getting a little sweaty.
It is quite cropped but I really like that as I wear a lot of dresses over jeans and the lines of it stops everything from getting to bulky. I will get Jonno to do a photo shoot of me (wearing the new jumper, not just for the fun of it).
Just a little post tonight - the old hay fever has left me feeling very tired and snuffly, it makes me so indignant as I studied horticulture at uni and somehow I feel, that is enough to make me immune. Oh well, boys to put to bed and couches to lounge about on.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. This jumper is gorgeous! I love your knit stripes!! :)

  2. FANTASTIC cardi Kate, and the crochet deer head, wonderful! Sometimes I feel a bit emotional that I have missed out on some of your posts, because they are so wonderful, and in a very quiet and very humorous way, you give us so much creativity, with such little fuss, and I want to be able to comment on each little bit of everything you do, so big apologies for not commenting much recently, I care very much about what you do, I just find it hard to squeeze in everything I want to do! Love Vanessa xxx



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