Sunday, November 7, 2010

Using the Studio.

The studio is officially opened. The boys and I trooped up this morning ready for action, the boys ready to paint their fireworks night (otherwise known as the best night of their lives) and me to make a picture for a very much loved pre-school teacher who we are preparing to say goodbye to. That's right, Hugo only has a few weeks left at pre-school... my baby.
Archie used acrylic on canvas to represent his bonfire and fireworks then coated the upper section with Mod Podge and glitter.
I also used acrylic but unfortunately am a long way from being finished. The window view is driving me crazy and am seriously thinking of reworking it. But I like the pears now so that is good. Unlike Archie, I did not use glitter.
Hugo used pencil and watercolours to create his masterpiece. He and I are holding hands at the bottom, looking through the dark night sky and up to the fireworks. He adored the evening and at one stage lay on his stomach across a picnic blanket, sucking his fingers and gazing into the fire as though all of the world's mysteries were being unravelled at once.
This is Archie's other triumph for the weekend. He discovered an old Norman recipe in one of his 'Terrible History's' books and decided he needed desperately to cook it. Apparently it was a huge success however, I couldn't try it because it contained gluten. Jonno loved it.
The knife is being stabbed into it because Archie read in the same book that they ate with their daggers.... great.
I hope you have had a lovely weekend, love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Lovely creativity going on there in THE studio. Your painting is lovely, the colours gorgeous.

  2. Please please may I be creative in your studio?? I love it all! Love Mum

  3. aren't kids great! what enthusiasm! jennyx

  4. Hi Kate! What a lovely post! I do love you and your boys! Amanda xxx p.s. and I blame you entirely for my newfound love of yellow...which I used to hate! xxx

  5. Don't doubt yourself. It's so perfect I am scared you're going to cut your ear off.



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