Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday.

Hugo went for his first solo walk through the farm. Just when I began to think he should be back I heared his gravelly little voice calling from outside, "Mum, I have a present for you". He had picked lots of flowers on his walk and had even found a ladybird to eat my aphids. He felt very grownup.

Today has been spent out in the garden just as we had hoped. Jonno and I piled a trailer with weeds and pruning and felt most triumphant as it lurched precariously toward the sky. Archie went on a long walk with his cousin and Hugo spent the day with a hose and slide (until his lips turned so blue he had to be brought back to life in a nice warm bath.
Strawberries, icecream, abandoned wet towels. The summer season has really begun.
Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Hi Kate, lovely to see your warm sunny pictures , I've just peeped out early on Saturday , still dark and we have snow . It was -6 degrees celcius last night .
    Enjoy the summer :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. I always find it fascinating reading blogs from the southern hemisphere....mad that your summer is just starting and there's snow here - it's chuffing freezing!
    Love to you xx

  3. I'm vicariously enjoying your summer, Kate! Thank you. I smiled when I read of Hugo's first jaunt. It's so hard doing those first 'letting gos' isn't it? I remember following my kids to the shops the first time they went on their own. I trailed them, hiding in bushes along the way...only to be spotted by a passing policeman, who thankfully saw the funny side when I explained myself. Have a lovely weekend my dear. Did Aubry get home ok? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. Hi Kate,
    love reading yor blog.
    I was wondering what pattern you used for your white hexagon blanket with the coloured centers ?
    As I have fallen in love with it.
    I live in Western Australia on 6 acres. Have also been weeding and mulching the garden .

  5. I can just see Hugo on his meandering walk throuh the farm, just wish I hadbee thee to see the ladybird clutched in the fingers, the dandelion behind his ear and the daisies for you ....just deliciously delicious!! Love Mum

  6. Bet you don't miss snakes when your fellows go on their adventures !
    Well done on the garden front - mine still beckons, which my signifcant other had a weed pulling bend :)

  7. What freedom your boys have! I grew up on a farm and even as an adult I miss the freedom! Lovely pictures!



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