Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Problem with Knitting.

The problem with being heavily involved with a knitting project is that everything else becomes neglected. Crochet patterns forget to be developed, Stanleys lie around waiting to be tagged and having to in the interim, deal with abandonment issues.
Rose petals fall...
Coasters wait for their tails to be tucked in.
And tiaras dream about being worn by something more than a nest.
I have finished the painting though - a good thing considering it needs to be given away tomorrow. I could have worked on it for a lot longer but that's life...
The good news is that the boys are fed, no one has gangrene and we have plenty of clean underwear and socks. There is even a little bit of left over dinner from last night to go in the freezer. Breakfast has been eaten for the day and faces are about to be washed, hair brushed (maybe) and teeth cleaned. Just don't tell Stanley that the boys come first.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Kate, I love the new banner to your blog . . . very rosy. Be patient with the knitting, it'll be worth it in the end. xx

  2. Knitting can do that to a person, but it's always worthwhile in the end!
    florrie x

  3. Ah Kate - you fed the menfolk and that's number one so all is good in their world. Now you can get back to the knitting:) And I am sure the Stanleys will understand their momentary displacement as long as you give them extra attention when revisited. Sometimes you just have to follow the current creative moment. Happy knitting today. Ciao

  4. your new banner is magnificent!

    thanks for sharing some of your colour today.

    xx Amy

  5. Love the banner, love your post today. All is well in the world.... well, Stanley is waiting but he'll be fine too.



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