Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am playing a big trick on you. The photo of my almost finished first sleeve is to lure you in so I can then show you lots and lots of rose pictures... Sorry. Although hopefully I will be showing photos of a completed jumper in the not too distant future, but right now even the thought of it seems a bit far fetched. I am finding that all I knit in an evening is being unravelled by elves when I go to bed. What other explanation could there be for a jumper that is progressing so slowly.
I had a play with my roses today.
They were actually a present for someone, I don't bundle them up like this for myself.
Rose milk.
Can you imagine how it would taste?
Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


Evie MacDougall said...

they are so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes lots of love Eve xox

Kylie said...

Yep... that beautiful sleeve did lure me in ;) but I've loved looking at your gorgeous roses too! Kx

Florrie said...

Beuatiful knitting and roses.
florrie x

Clara said...

What a lovely thought.

Tracy said...

They are beautiful roses, especially when wrapped like that.

Aubrey said...

Just divine!! Please please can I have some like that too! Love Mum And your new header..... fabulous!

Hayley said...

Those roses are gorgeous, I can imagine they smell devine too!


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