Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finding a bit of Sunday peace.

Some days it feels as though everything is so harried and children such whirlwinds, that peace will never be found again. Then strangely, the house quietens, the dust motes slow mid-track and breaths become deep and restorative.
After a day of cleaning the house, scraping the windows clean, washing a billion loads of laundry and restoring a weak shine to the floor, I am now sitting (dare I say levitating) in a moment of serenity. Dinner is bubbling on the stove and the boys are walking through the farm to meet Jonno at the shed as he finishes milking the cows. It's Sunday night so a cosy night of television on the big blue couch is waiting and Archie really, really, really starts back at school tomorrow. Imagine that.
I have just started back on my crochet hexagon blanket and I am completely in love with it again. After decreasing my ply (oh why not my thigh (s)) to the most ridiculous worm silk diameter, it is so comforting to be back on 8 ply wool again. And the repetition of doing a blanket... just what is needed. Better go and stir dinner. Have a lovely Sunday night. xxooxxooxx
p.s. Jonno just rang to say the boys made it to the other side of the farm safely - hurrah!!!!


  1. What a fabulous, peaceful post. Lovely xx

  2. Roger that. We've had a busy, busy week and today we didn't even leave the section. Lovely day following the sun around the house and garden ...

  3. Oh lovely lady, when will life not be so busy and we can sit down with a cuppa tea and just chat!?! Missing you and hope to catch up much sooner rather than later!!!

  4. Love these photos, especially that first photo. I can't get used to you have spring flowers in your posts, when we're in summer here. Your Hex blanket is GORGEOUS!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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