Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh dear...

Oh dear. I was so sure Archie had three weeks for holidays so it was quite a surprise when my father-in-law rang with the news that school had started back a few days ago. I can't believe I forgot to send my son back to school!!!! Apparently they had been trying to ring me and hadn't been able to get through (damn that habit of taking the phone off the hook during nap time) and had suspected I was not quite aware of having to return my son. Archie was devastated when he overheard his grandparents discussing this turn of events and shouted that he was NOT going back to school this week. Needless to say, he was extremely relieved by my decision to keep him home for the 'extra' week of holiday.
Could you imagine growing up feeling as though you were ripped from the amniotic fluid of school holidays only to be brutally and prematurely returned to school with all promises of Auckland museum trips cancelled. I think the cost of therapy would far exceed the benefit of a prompt school return. So, the boys and I are off to Auckland tomorrow for a very lovely bonus bit of holiday.
By the way, I went to a big discount shop and found these crochet cottons for $1.50 each. I now have to find a hook small enough to use them with (it just seemed so simple at the time, 'Buy the yarn and you will crochet great things immediately and with superhuman speed'. Silly voice trapping me into things, next time it will stay at home caged).
Oh yes, I had a haircut while I was hanging around and she straightened it with some kind of odd instrument and I now look like an intimidating art gallery lady. Jonno was very brave and kissed me when he came home, even telling me how pretty I look. Maybe tomorrow when my natural waves and kinks and cowlicks pop back in I will look a bit more friendly.


  1. lol, this is hilarious!!!! wheres the pic of the haircut, why don't you take one in front of the museum!!! Jonno cant have all the fun!

  2. Hahaha Kate! That is too funny! I love that you let him stay home, how horrible would it be to have to go back to school so suddenly!

    I second Leonie, we need a photo!

  3. That's a very funny story Kate! Gave me lots of giggles.

    I don't know if you are interested but I recently bought a couple of the clover ergonomic crochet hooks from the UK (ebay) cos they were so much cheaper than here. I crochet quite a bit at the moment and find that the ergonomic hooks are better on the thumb especially when working finely. The clover hooks are $16 or so in Australia and I essentially got two for the price of one. Was quite excited.

  4. You see this is what I miss over here in Old Blighty. My colourful forgetful friend. I have aching sides from laughing. I third the picture petition.

  5. What a great story! It'll probably remembered as part of your family history now. Those cottons are beautiful, who cares if you use them or not, they were cheap and they look so good. Bren always makes me wash my hair straight away when I get home from the hairdresser even if I feel glamerous. Enjoy the rest of your bonus holiday.

  6. Hmmmm and just days ago you said you weren't "ready" for tiny cotton. Remember, I've got an array of tiny hooks you can borrow.

    Enjoy Archie, and pleeeeaaaassseee share your supplier of goregous coloured cotton with me. I love them!

  7. That is fantastic. I think I may forget to go back to work on Monday, and take my phone off the hook too. Love it.

    Have lots of fun in Auckland.

  8. If I don't keep up with your blog Kate, if i miss just a day, I feel like I've been so out of the loop, and missing out on wonderfulness!
    I think your boys have a very special mum, most mothers would be itching to get their kids back to school, but not you, you keep hold of them an extra week! That is funny though, that you had to be reminded to send them back!
    Your new haircut looks fab by the way. And have a wonderful time visiting those museums.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  9. Ha, my favorite of all your posts: colors! :)
    And good thing you kept Archie home & are off to auckland! Enjoy! :)



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