Saturday, July 18, 2009

More nice jugs (wink, wink,nudge, nudge...).

It was a wet and stormy morning with an exhausted Jonno home early from calving. We all snuggled upstairs on the big blue couch underneath layers of warm blankets and watched 'Wallace and Grommit'. Sheer, giddy heaven. What else was I to do but finish off the project I began yesterday.

I have to admit I am thrilled and so pleased the whole confetti thing worked. I had a few moments where I just thought they weren't going to be heavy enough but so far so good... mind you, what was I expecting, that the jug cover would miraculously float away?
A leg of lamb is lazily roasting in the oven for tonight, floating in white wine, chicken stock, garlic and a squeeze of lemon and I am going upstairs into my bed with a hot water bottle to do a similar thing. In fact, the whole family is about to troop upstairs to do the same thing. How lucky am I to belong in a family where everybody considers it a good hobby. Archie's version is a little different to the rest of us though. He likes to listen to story Cd's, leaf through books, pen the odd note (sometimes love-filled and other times more the poisonous variety) and make the odd thing from Lego.
Oh bliss, we are all beginning to melt up the stairs. Books. White sheets. Half-waking thoughts. Soul ironing.


  1. that sounds like a lovely day!

    the jug covers are beautiful - i think the confetti are adorable.


  2. Super cute! I love the colors! These must have taken you ages to make!

  3. We had some of those with beads on as weights, when I was wee. Love them.
    Coincidentally, rediscovered napping today. Not that succesful, but nice to lie in bed for a bit, with the sun in the room ...

  4. this is a gorgeous idea - i love the confetti!
    very nice blog!

  5. As always Kate your crochet is stunning. Just catching up on some blog reading I'm glad you gave your son an extra week off, it would have been horrible to have to go back after thinking it was not for another week.

  6. OoooooooHHHH! Those 'keep the flies from falling in' doilies are wonderful! Love em to bits in fact!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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