Friday, July 31, 2009

Some days you just don't need to paint.

Why paint with brushes today when they are performing in their own perfect picture on the stairs. I love everyday art installments that happen just by the random gathering of stuff and I love that blogging gives a platform to record it.
The children are at their places of education, Jonno has just finished breakfast and left the house and I am going to revel in the solitude for a little while with some writing. I hope a little bit of bliss drifts into everybody's day. Toot toot.


  1. Hmmm, yes. I'm enjoying that solitude too... gorgeous, isn't it? I love your photo. The paint brushes on the books there really shouldn't be disturbed while looking so fabulous ;) K

  2. hope you enjoyed the solitude, it's something I begin to crave as the long summer holidays progress. I managed to grab and hour to my self yesterday when my littlies were off playing at a neighbours house and it was bliss!!
    Happy days to you



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