Sunday, July 5, 2009

Under Orders From Mum...

On the phone last night with my mum, the hard word was given in updating the blog. I explained that the memory card in my camera was not working but she felt that was not excuse and suggested either using Archie's camera or dipping into my archives. So here is a little glimpse of how I set my resin brooches out and a little after picture. I also couldn't resist adding a photo of Hugo in his vest when it was freshly knitted and very clean.
Calving is well and truly underway here on the farm with forty calves hitting the ground (hopefully not too hard). It always coincides with Archie's three weeks of winter holidays creating a kind of Bermuda triangle whirlpool. How great it will be when the boys are old enough to do calving all by themselves during their holidays and Jonno and I can retreat to a warmer climate. So here you go Mum, another post.
By the way, crochet experiments have been going on in this house so stay tuned until my camera is fixed...


  1. I love that you are still under orders from your mother! The vest is super cute and so are you resin brooches. We used to play with resin all the time at uni and make lots of things. I still have some two part resin here. Now you have got me thinking!
    Hope you are having a great time with the school holidays. :)

  2. Hope you get the memory card sorted soon. Cute pic of the vest - am still grappling with Sophie's. Is that a silicone tray you've got everything in?

  3. Hmmm Calving, after birth, mastitis, night checks, dogs, mud, gum boots, licked fingers, runny noses, warm milk, beanies, hot water bottles, Oh and a grumpy dad........ I remember.

  4. Thanks for the update, I'm glad Christina is impressed that you still listen to me!! Mum

  5. Thank goodness your Mum gave you those orders! She must love your blog. I love your blog, and the more posts the better, because they are always fab. Hugo's tank top is splendid, lovely colours! And your resin brooches!!! How gorgeous!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  6. Haha it doesn't matter how grown up you get, you still HAVE to do what Mum says, don't you? I completely understand!

  7. I'm afraid that mum's are the same everywhere in the world! ;)
    I just caught up with several blogposts of yours and they make me smile because of the colors & the happiness.
    Your teacups are lovely & yourr boys are so cute! Love their names too! :)
    Have a good start of the new week!



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