Monday, July 27, 2009

Blankets and Farm Life.

There it is, my old friend the hexagon blanket. Every night it greets me with love as I let the best of my creativity pour through my hands into it. There is such an element of magic to the making of things. Once more, roll on evening so I can get back to work. The crochet 'hexagons' in the top photo are actually impostors being five sided pentagons rather than the required six. I must have been very tired one night. Instead these are going to become part of a scarf so I guess before any more blanket work, I had better stitch those pieces together. They can be my portable blankie - not that I need one because I am very sophisticated these days...
A little shot of our cows eating dinner in the hill paddock next to our house. I love this light because it means that in any second, a bright blue motorbike will come whizzing up the track and then all the fun begins.
Isn't that Number 164 a character, you would not believe the story she just finished telling me before I took the photo. You can see it in her eyes though. You know what she's talking about.
By the way, Archie did go to school today but was late!!!!! This morning he crept into my bed at 7am and fell back to sleep for an hour. This has never happened before in the history of our lives so I felt he must have needed it. Then I remembered. Last night I found him lying in his bed asleep, with a bowl of crusty sugar beside him, a bowl he had obviously been feasting on for quietly for many days. This morning he must have been on a major sugar low. Maybe it was a temporary diabetic coma. When he finally returned to the land of heartily awake, I mentioned the bowl. He visibly blanched, flailing in his own mortification. Underneath the "I'm so sorry" chant, I could definitely hear thoughts of "Note to self; always hide evidence before going to sleep".


  1. Love love love your hexagon blanket! Now I want one too! :)
    Loved this post on monday morning, it made me smile to pieces! Thanks! :)

  2. I love the cows - and Archie with that sugar! Takes after his aunt...

  3. Nothing like a good old Black and White.... My did would be so proud to see these pics!! It brought me back to when I was a kid. (well actually they only sold the farm 5 years ago!) Fond memories, thanks

  4. Oh that would be my DAD not my DID! lol

  5. Hey Kate, funny happening had to share not related to pics. You know your, that's a beauty story? heheheheeee just had one of my own. Sofia just said that's long Daddy it's like a tree trunk!! hehehhahahahaaaaa I welled up with pride........



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