Monday, August 10, 2009

Balls of Light.

I went shopping with Hugo today to try and replace my favourite yellow mug which I dropped on our stony concrete floor. On being told there were no yellow mugs left, I took a deep breath, did not cry and boldly reached for the purple version. It does hold a good cup of tea but I am still not sure how I am handling the colour change - maybe I really am suffering from some sort of greedy for colour syndrome.
To get over this hurdle, we then bought 4 paper lanterns to go over our lights in the colours pink, red, blue and green. I will post more photos tomorrow but the house looked so atrocious, it seemed kinder not to inflict the whole room on everyone. It has been a good bit of medicine for the house though as it looks as if we are constantly in party mode. Being the end of winter, this is a very powerful magic.
Oh dear, I have just been thinking of the things I have been writing about in the last couple of days; eggs, mugs and lampshades. I will have to go and do something crazy and reintroduce a little pizazz to the blog, I won't murder anyone though, I am just not up for that.


  1. mmm, love to visit your blog for a nice dose of colour. that purple is just lovely - of course I'm loving the lanterns too. I might have to find something like that for here.

  2. Love the idea of parties all the time. It's like me not wanting to remove my Christmas mobile as it was so bright in the kitchen. Now it's hanging lopsidedly in the kids' room and needs some love and attention...



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