Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just lazing about...

Everything has seemed to slow down in our house. Frantic activity is suddenly snail paced after the first week back at school. The boys were delirious to watch Saturday morning cartoons and I was quite beside myself to have a sneaky lie in. So like the scarves and jug doily thingies and yarn and crocheted creatures, we are just draped about the house with no particular plan to move... oh except for a nap upstairs. And yet, with a lamb leg slow-roasting in the oven, somehow it makes the day officially well spent.


  1. How lovely! I must say I'm envious - Saturday Sport (the 6th day of the school week) hasn't started for you yet then? I've been screaming from the sidelines of soccer and netball this morning! Me time now - yah! Enjoy that lamb... sounds delicious :) K

  2. Love all the colours in your photos- I am also very very greedy for colour- eventhough I also love the 'colour' white...
    have a lovely, well deserved nap and enjoy that lamb...

  3. I just love the idea of spending the day draped around the place like a piece of crochet, think thats gonna be my ultimate goal for today :o)

    Been meaning to say that I also LOVE your jug doily thingies too, they are so utterly pretty. I have that book, will have to investigate and go buy some more delicate yarn and hook.


  4. Ohhhhh that sounds bliss. I hope you just soaked up the atmosphere. Started Lost in Austen today . . . am about to watch the next two hours. Will call you tomorrow about a morning tea and a run around at the house. xx

  5. I am so wanting your roast lamb tonight - will have to suffice with lamb curry dug out from the freezer, but it is pretty good (if I say so myself!)

  6. Sneaky lie in's sound super! :)

  7. Oh I do like that mouse! One of the boy's toys? Does it have a name by any chance? Love the finishing touch of the flower on your food cover, works beautifully.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  8. Loving the wee mouse too! Where might I find this pattern? The mouse would be perfect on our daughters Gruffalo table setting for her birthday party soon.



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