Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pretty happy to be back, you might say.

I can't believe it is only now that I am able to re-enter the wonderful world of blogging. I had to pause for a couple of days because our house suddenly had a nervous breakdown and threw all of our belongings about in the most furious manner. Years and years of clutter and toys burst forth from their cupboards of imprisonment and revealed a secret breeding program of which we knew nothing about.
So overwhelmed was I, that my parents-in-law (bless their cotton socks) received a phone call begging for some kind of grandchildren welfare intervention so I could clad up in a radioactive suit, develop superpowers and deal with it. Norm and Maureen are made of fine and sturdy stuff and immediately rose to the challenge, sweeping the children into their protective custody. If I am sounding dramatic it is only because I am so excited to be back I can't help but show off a little. Mum, are you rolling your eyes and thinking some things never change?
So, for 24 hours I sorted and culled the most ginormous pile of toys you could ever imagine and even managed to turn the boys' rooms into a place where they could sleep rather than spend the nights fending of scavenging rats. Because of this, I felt I really couldn't do a post until there was some semblance of control (mind you, I am still not entirely sure I am there). All you can do is make a start though I guess.
The best part was that when a group of friends dropped by yesterday afternoon, I could pretend my tidy house was an everyday normality and even made a batch of biscuits to cap off the illusion... the only downside was that they thought I was an impostor and kept trying to rip my mask off which of course, that being my real face, was extremely painful.


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