Friday, August 7, 2009

I need some beauty.

After fully expressing the practical (but extremely withered) side of my nature, I was overcome with a sudden cramping need for some kind of beauty. Something beyond the green streaks that had transferred from the back end of those sweet and furry creatures and onto my leg. So I rushed around the house concentrating on good things like wedding shoes and beads - can you tell that I plastered myself flat against the wall to get the side on view. You have to pause occasionally to think of the ridiculous positions people get into in pursuit of the perfect photo.
I have just finished watching this series from the library. If you like Jane Austen, this is the show for you. Crochet is calling even more insistently than the calves and I am going to answer and there will be love in my voice and warmth in my hands and yes I am having way to much thinking time out in the paddocks, all alone but for the company of animals...


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