Friday, August 21, 2009

Projects with a cutting edge and food thoughts...

Life has changed a lot since I bought my Fiskar shape cutter (by the way, this is not in any way a paid advertisement for Fiskars). It is just better. Life is better when you realise any shape you ever wanted to cut will just flow from your hands like birds from a magician.
I am gathering all of the the random and left over balls of wool,

To make pom pom packs and my Fiskars whisker cutter has been helping me. Look at all the templates they so lovingly included for me...

I'm thinking Christmas labels, I'm thinking about attaching fancy tags to the boys, I'm thinking, well, in fact I am thinking about dinner. Risotto - chicken and streaky bacon and mushrooms and Parmesan cheese.
In fact, I think this weekend will be all about food. A festival of cakes and scones and stews and apple pies and cups of tea. Because Jonno is busy on the farm and is working every day, food seems to be the distinguishing marker for us between week days and the weekend (oh and of course Archie being home from school). There is nothing like having a bit of time to enjoy cooking at a slower pace rather than cramming it all into the moments between baths and homework.


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