Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Crochet Girl Goes Fishing"...

A few snapshots from today to show what we have been up to. That's right, fishing and who was the only one to catch a fish... that's right, me (although Jonno was the one running everything and really is the mastermind behind it all). There is only one other thing in the world like a fish tapping on the end of your line and that would be the first few kicks of pregnancy - they are startlingly similar.
The boys were extremely excited and became even more so when Jonno caught a little stingray which he then promptly returned to the deep, blue sea. We were all relieved to see it stretch out its wings and fly through the water again.
Other good things happened today such as a delicious new delivery of wool but that can wait until tomorrow. Off for a delicious dinner.


  1. I suppose you could still say you were hooking! Clever Kate with Jonno's support! love Mum

  2. That looks brilliant. We keep saying we will go mackerel fishing off the Dorset coast (when the weather improves, it's snowing here yet again as I type!) Not sure my stomach will be up to the waves though!
    Hen x

  3. Good morning! It's so nice to see you enjoying some outdoor activity while we're all snowed in over here. Your summery crocheting has been a breath of fresh air and made me look forward to spring. The books are scrummy. Love, Amanda xx

  4. Hello there! That's one great fish. Look forward to seeing your wool delivery tomorrow! Ros

  5. Oh.....YUMMMMMM!!! Congratulations on the big catch!!



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