Monday, January 4, 2010

Crochet Rabbits and Real Boats.

Yesterday we spent the entire day at the beach from 10am until 7.30pm. Jonno bought the biscuit (pictured above) a few days ago and had to have it boy-filled and out of the water. Like any reasonably sane mother I was a little concerned but Archie and Hugo loved it, zooming about the more shallow parts of the harbour. In the end they convinced me and I had a turn too. Note there are no photos of this as I really didn't want to have a photo of my generous, white bottom over the Internet... call me crazy.
My biggest surprise of 2009 was learning to play the ukulele. At the beginning of the year I dropped a cooking bowl on the floor as I was falling and managed to sever a nerve on my right pointer finger - the finger I used for everything. It is still very numb but the movement is great although I have had to slightly change the way I use it. This is why I paused with the knitting and learnt crochet instead as it is far easier for my hand and much less pressure on the areas where I lost little bits of finger. So yes, If you told me I would be playing ukulele by the end of the year I would have thought you were mad. And the ukulele even came along yesterday to the beach and nobody told me to pipe down. Hugo even made a few requests - is it a good thing for a 3 year old to know all of the words to 'Drunken Sailor'?
And here is the crochet piece I have been working on - that strange blue-headed thing from the other day has turned into a rabbit! I almost sent it away without a tail though so it will be at home for a few more days.
I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year and well on the way to recovering from Christmas.


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