Thursday, January 21, 2010

Movies and Crochet.

In the first week of school holidays, Archie and I went to 'Where the Wild Things Are' at the movies. It was a special day being just the two of us so I made him a Maxesque boy (with no tail and quite different so please don't sue me) with fierce teeth as requested by Archie (although without the dripping blood he thought would be a good finishing touch). We both loved the movie and I so appreciated a book/film being made where the consequences of anger were explored and not sugar coated. I know a lot of people thought it may have been a bit too scary but as the mother of two boys, I can honestly say that anger in small and tall people is a frightening thing and the result even short term is often devastating to all those around. Anger is a real issue for lots of smaller people (I am meaning children here, not actually short adults) in the world and it is not often issues like this are addressed in film. And then beyond that, the puppets, the music and the scenery are sublime (and filmed in Victoria which filled me with goodness and warmth).
Today being the second last week of the holidays and with two boys wanting to see 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', I didn't have enough time to crochet fantastic fox-like creatures for two. Fortunately, Mum had made a fox for Archie which a promptly attached to a piece of wool which Archie then wore proudly. Hugo graciously made do with wearing Archie's 'Almost Max' with many promises to have something special crocheted just for him.
I am utterly mad on 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' by the way (although the book will always come first in my heart) and am thrilled to see wonderful films being made for children that capture the essence of handmade. Computer animated films are terrific but it is hard to beat the warmth that radiates from 'F.M.F.'. Added to that, the dialogue and casting in it are spot on. Who is more fantastic than George Cloony I ask.
Posts have been a little bit slow lately, school holidays have been great but also long so there has been a lot of parenting time going into the day. They just don't handle neglect as well as I would like. More to come, Archie and I are experimenting with paper mache tomorrow. Can't wait. xxooxxooxx.


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