Monday, January 25, 2010

Odds and Ends.

I am now onto the sleeves of this little kimono style cardigan. I have made so many mistakes along the way just from being a little tired at night but it seems to have absorbed them with minimal scarring. Because I am really enjoying a bit of escape with the telly at night, knitting has been a great way to unwind as shamefully, I can still see the screen. Cheap and tawdry of me I know.
Tomorrow I am going to have a pocket of time to myself and I am trying to avoid the whole, must finish pile of paintings, must finish pile of sewing, should finish pile of washing. There is only so much that can be fitted into the time and I certainly don't want to drive myself into a tightly scheduled, spiralling insanity.

The boys have been playing with my acrylics and loving the colours that have suddenly become available to them. Just for a bit of a change, we have been experimenting with not mixing colours and ending up with a canvas of sludge brown. I felt like a bit of a nazi but it has been worth it as they are so proud of their paintings and how the colours sing out.
I think I might go and write a list of the things I would like to do and work out from there what is possible. No need to pile myself up with ridiculous expectations.
Until tomorrow xxooxxooxx.


  1. what a lovely bunch of bright colors you have going on there! i hope the list works out... :)

  2. I agree with "the nest" the colors are singing!!! Those stripes are FANTASTIC!! I am knitting with the one color at the moment and its driving me BONKERS!!

  3. We put ourselves under such pressure, don't we? A dear friend of mine often says to me "Amanda, just take it in small bites." I find that helps.Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. Definitely go for the crafty bits! Household chores can wait :) Love the little stipey jumper.Ros



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