Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's pretend it's just all Zen.

Small, scruffy haired boys watching Dr. Harry early in the morning. These holiday lie-ins have been great I tell you. And to think, one day (a long way into the future) they might be bribed into bringing me cups of tea. It will definitely have to be on the pocket money list when they are older.
I am testing my fingers out with a bit of knitting. So far so good but with much less padding on my right pointer I am ready to down needles by the end of the evening. The wool is very soft luckily, part of the 'Luxury' range by Bendigo Woollen Mills although in this photo, the colours aren't really showing up properly.
A few works-in-progress. I always like leaving a few plans lying around during school holidays. It helps me to remember there will be daytime routines again and eventually, even the odd spot of daytime creating.
Ohhhhh, that's nice, I just heard Hugo say sincerely to his brother, "Sorry I said I hate you". Yes, one of those afternoons where they veer from love to hate and back again in the blink of an eye. I have just started reading Sarah Napthali's book "Buddhism for Mothers" which has been a wonderful reminder that I am allowed to separate my emotions from the boys and deal with the situation at hand rather than take it on board. Breathing deeply has been the most powerful tool in helping me with this and has really made a difference. Bombs exploding... breathe... spiky words being thrown... breathe... matches being lit... umm, better react. xxooxxooxx.


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