Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's pretend it's just all Zen.

Small, scruffy haired boys watching Dr. Harry early in the morning. These holiday lie-ins have been great I tell you. And to think, one day (a long way into the future) they might be bribed into bringing me cups of tea. It will definitely have to be on the pocket money list when they are older.
I am testing my fingers out with a bit of knitting. So far so good but with much less padding on my right pointer I am ready to down needles by the end of the evening. The wool is very soft luckily, part of the 'Luxury' range by Bendigo Woollen Mills although in this photo, the colours aren't really showing up properly.
A few works-in-progress. I always like leaving a few plans lying around during school holidays. It helps me to remember there will be daytime routines again and eventually, even the odd spot of daytime creating.
Ohhhhh, that's nice, I just heard Hugo say sincerely to his brother, "Sorry I said I hate you". Yes, one of those afternoons where they veer from love to hate and back again in the blink of an eye. I have just started reading Sarah Napthali's book "Buddhism for Mothers" which has been a wonderful reminder that I am allowed to separate my emotions from the boys and deal with the situation at hand rather than take it on board. Breathing deeply has been the most powerful tool in helping me with this and has really made a difference. Bombs exploding... breathe... spiky words being thrown... breathe... matches being lit... umm, better react. xxooxxooxx.


  1. I crack open Buddhism for mothers when it is all a bit much and it seems to bring me back to reality. ...speaking of... i might go dig it out!

  2. sounds like a great book ~ and as a mum of two boys i need something like that too!

  3. I NEED that book! Off to look on Amazon...

  4. LOve the knitting. The yarn does look really soft and scrummy. That's such a lovely photo of your boys too! I remember only too well the 'love hate' relationship that goes on between siblings. Our three are all grown up now, and, I'm gald to say they get on famously together and really enjoy each others company. Hope ypu find some little pockets of 'creative time' this week. Ros

  5. Yes, life with two boys is exciting, I can attest. I love it, though! I envy their relationship.
    Now that you mention it, I had that book at one time and it was lost in a move. Have remembered some of the lessons, though I'd forgotten where I'd learned them.

  6. Sounds like a book I need now. WIll go to my local book store ASAP.

  7. Some very tantalising colours going on there!
    Aaaahhhhh, it's so nice to be back, looking at your beautiful blog Kate, I've some posts to catch up on, now we've got our computer functioning. Your Mr.Fox is splendid. Hugo and I went to see that film, and enjoyed the handmade element too. We love Wallace and Gromit for that handmade look too, and the humor of course. I thought Fantastic Mr.Fox didn't quite reach the edginess of Roald Dahl's book though, it could have been more frightening! If you haven't seen "Up" yet, that's a magical film. Truly magical.
    Your boys are so sweet, huddled under the blanket together, so very sweet.
    So lovely to be back with you Kate!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  8. It's a beautiful thing to raise a family. Your blog reminds me how much I miss it. I will be a grandmother this spring and it seems like only yesterday my little girl, who is 21, was 3 or 4. These are the good old days to be sure.
    I remember those moments and like you, if I could I would sit down this a cup of mint tea and open up the Psalms. The words would always bring a calmness to me, so I could manage the craziness. Cherish your times.



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