Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knitting With Stripes.

I'm on to the exciting part of the little kimono jumper using double pointed needles to make ties. It is so quick and easy that ropes seem to fall from my hands like magic, like Rumpelstiltskin spinning his straw into gold.
You might have noticed I mainly knit in stripes. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. First, I get bored if I am only using one colour and then the other is that it is so much easier to count the rows. And I have boys, they seem to be made for stripes.
Sail making activities are now well under way. Last night I had a play around and am thrilled by how simple it was. Just knitting two together every three to four rows on one side gave it a sort of billowy triangle shape. Now I will have to start attaching it I suppose.
Archie and I finished reading the first Harry Potter book today. I have read it at least twice and loved it but, I have never enjoyed it as much as I have sharing it with Archie, listening to his giggles and gasps. So now someone has to always have a lightening bolt drawn on his forehead, just underneath his floppy blond hair. That very same person asked me if it would be okay to dye his hair black. I said no.


  1. Hi Kate

    I love your blog. Gorgeous sail... love how you make such topical crafts for your boys. Reading exciting chapter books together is one of the things i really miss now my girls are older and would rather read alone. I was always amazed by how they remembered EVERY character who ever came along and ALL the details, even after weeks and weeks had passed.... we read the entire Narnia series together and it will always hold a special meaning/memory.

  2. I have never read harry potter!! I know..its terrible but maybe I'll do it with asha when she gets older!! Oh...those stripes DELICIOUS!

  3. You're right boys are made for stripes, actually girls are also made for stripes, in fact everything is better in stripes!

    Did I mention I love stripes!

  4. Hooray for knitting again! I'm excited to see your boats coming along. I've been eyeing those instructions, trying to get the nerve.



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