Friday, January 8, 2010

Mooching About.

Some Christmas decorations hiding in the kitchen, desperate to extend their stay beyond the festive season... who am I to deny them.
The dining area looking nice and tidy waiting for some friends to come over for a games night.
And beautiful moisturiser that was given to me by a lovely friend for Christmas and is in use constantly. It's free from all of the nasties too - nice one Cath.

So yes, we are still just mooching about at the moment but we kind of have to in order to preserve our sanity. The boys are on an enforced kindness regime and Jonno and I are thrilled to see it is starting to leak into us as well. There comes a time when as a family, everyone has to review their behaviour and this is certainly our time.
Well, had better get back to the mooching.


  1. What a happy-looking scene!

    My husband and I were just minutes ago reminding eachother to speak more mindfully to one another because of the impact on both the 5 yr old and the almost 15(!) yr old. How quickly they pick up our habits, but you're right, they will pick up the good habits as well.

    Hope game night was fun! best - Annri

  2. LOVE those wooly Christmas decorations! LOVE!

  3. leave those decorations right where they are and enjoy the mooching as long as possible!
    happy new year!



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