Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking Inspiration.

At the moment our house is in a major state of craft and relaxation. I have been completely bowled over by Julie Arkell (google her, she doesn't have a blog) with her amazing paper mache creatures and Ann Wood with her wonderful paper mache boats. As a result, the giant kitchen table is covered in paper, glue and paint, a mess which will remain for the next few days as the boys and I have become obsessed with it.
The by-product of all this is a very relaxed household. Even our rabbit Big Ears is just slouching about, napping here and there willy-nilly.
Last night was a late one because after finishing the rabbity-creature's face, I then had to crochet a body and head for it. Lucky there was enough random T.V. to keep me company... hurry up ratings season and begin again.


  1. WOW! Such lovely things. Sweet rabbit too! He does look very relaxed. The best bit about 'making' is the relaxation it always seems to induce. I need to wait for half-term, because school is soooo busy at the moment. Enjoy your weekend! Ros

  2. oh, that is one cute rabbit!!! well, they're both cute, but the crochet one really floats my boat! (wah,wah!)

    best - annri

  3. We don't see enough of Big Ears! He's adorable. I love him. I love rabbits. I love Big Ears.
    You've been very busy lately! The boats are wonderful, I'm a huge fan of Julie Arkell too. I went on a weekend course with her, and she's charming.
    I'm with you on knitting stripes, so much more entertaining than plain colour.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. I did a workshop with Julie Arkell and she is a great character, dressed entirely in vinatge with gold glitter mascara on! Her stuff just makes you wnat to get out the glue and start playing!



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