Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking Inspiration.

At the moment our house is in a major state of craft and relaxation. I have been completely bowled over by Julie Arkell (google her, she doesn't have a blog) with her amazing paper mache creatures and Ann Wood with her wonderful paper mache boats. As a result, the giant kitchen table is covered in paper, glue and paint, a mess which will remain for the next few days as the boys and I have become obsessed with it.
The by-product of all this is a very relaxed household. Even our rabbit Big Ears is just slouching about, napping here and there willy-nilly.
Last night was a late one because after finishing the rabbity-creature's face, I then had to crochet a body and head for it. Lucky there was enough random T.V. to keep me company... hurry up ratings season and begin again.


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