Monday, January 4, 2010

Crochet Rabbits and Real Boats.

Yesterday we spent the entire day at the beach from 10am until 7.30pm. Jonno bought the biscuit (pictured above) a few days ago and had to have it boy-filled and out of the water. Like any reasonably sane mother I was a little concerned but Archie and Hugo loved it, zooming about the more shallow parts of the harbour. In the end they convinced me and I had a turn too. Note there are no photos of this as I really didn't want to have a photo of my generous, white bottom over the Internet... call me crazy.
My biggest surprise of 2009 was learning to play the ukulele. At the beginning of the year I dropped a cooking bowl on the floor as I was falling and managed to sever a nerve on my right pointer finger - the finger I used for everything. It is still very numb but the movement is great although I have had to slightly change the way I use it. This is why I paused with the knitting and learnt crochet instead as it is far easier for my hand and much less pressure on the areas where I lost little bits of finger. So yes, If you told me I would be playing ukulele by the end of the year I would have thought you were mad. And the ukulele even came along yesterday to the beach and nobody told me to pipe down. Hugo even made a few requests - is it a good thing for a 3 year old to know all of the words to 'Drunken Sailor'?
And here is the crochet piece I have been working on - that strange blue-headed thing from the other day has turned into a rabbit! I almost sent it away without a tail though so it will be at home for a few more days.
I hope everyone is enjoying their New Year and well on the way to recovering from Christmas.


  1. Sounds like you've been having a great time...Mr Rabbit is very cute indeed.

  2. I love the rabbit, he is a rabbit with a lot of character. As for Archie, he will be the height of his father in the twinkle of an eye. Love Mum

  3. How fantastic....I would love to see your shiny white bum.....I don't understand why you were shy!!!

  4. Happy New Year, Kate! That water tubing is fun isn't it?! The blue bunny is adorable; I'll bet he receives a bunch of attention for all his cuteness!

  5. The rabbit is adorable : ) Did you use a pattern or just make him up as you went along?

  6. Happy New Year, Kate.I'm so impressed that you've learned to play the ukelele!
    The rabbit is adorable.



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